Just For Kids!







Children's Story Time is held year around at all 4 branches: Cabool, Houston, Licking, & Summersville.  It's a great time for the kids and parents to enjoy the Library and stories read by our volunteers!

Cabool Story Time Schedule

Preschool Storytime Every Tuesday Morning at 11:30am

 Story Tellers: Librarian Liza 

Houston Story Time Schedule

Preschool Storytime: Wednesday, 10:30am

After School Storytime: Wednesday, 3:30pm

Middle School Book Club: Thursday, 3:30pm


Story Tellers are: Lori McCarthy - Lorette Smith - Denise Young

Licking Story Time Schedule

Preschool Storytime every Thursday 
@ 1pm with Librarian Heather

Storytime with Miss. Flo

The Last Monday of every month @ 4pm


Summersville Story Time Schedule


Story Time Volunteers are Always Needed!