Donation Policy

Donation Policy (Print & Non-Print)
Texas County Library welcomes book donations all-year-round.
All donations accepted by the County Library become property of
the Library, to be used as the Library best determines. The Library
makes no guarantees that the donated materials will be added to
the collection. The library’s policy is that no materials will be added to
the collection which would not be approved for inclusion through
normal selection procedures and collection development policies.
Donations not added to the collection are included in our annual
Book Sales, given away freely, discarded or recycled. The Library
will, upon request, provide a receipt for donated items, but cannot
assign a monetary value to donated materials.

We accept:

  • Hardcover and paperback books for children, teens, and adults
  • Contemporary and classic fiction
  • DVDs and audiobooks on CD

We cannot accept:

  • Encyclopedias or other reference sets
  • Old dictionaries
  • Health, travel, or training books over 5 years old
  • Newspapers
  • VHS or cassettes

In the interest of health and safety, we also DO NOT accept:

  • Books that have been stored in attics, cellars, garages, or
  • Books in poor condition, including those that are yellowing,
    moldy, mildewed, water-damaged, or highlighted.
  • Books that are infested with bed bugs, mites, etc.

When dropping off donations:

  • Bring donations in boxes, plastic bags, or anything else that can
    be left at the Library.
  • Bring donations to the circulation desk inside the Library.
  • Do not leave outside doors or in book drop. Donations are only
    accepted during operating hours.
  • The Library will accept two boxes of books at one time.