How You Can Help

There are a few ways that you can contribute and support your local library…


All branches are in need of volunteers! If you enjoy activities involving the kids, we can always use readers for story time. If you like the quiet and solitude, the libraries need shelvers to help out during the day. If you are the opposite and love to be around people, the Friends of the Library bookstores need volunteers to help out during their operating hours. STUDENTS: Volunteering at the library looks great on college applications! The libraries always have special projects going on to enhance our libraries for the patrons, keep visiting our website for information, or contact your local branch if you are interested in helping out!


We accept many forms of donations: monetary, books, audiobooks, dvds, and vhs’. If we can’t use these donations in our branches, we will sell them or give them to the FOL bookstores to sell. All the proceeds come back to the library.


Many monetary donations are left in honor or memory of someone. You can earmark specific items you want bought with the money you donate. We will put a special book plate inside the item to show who it is in memory of. It’s a wonderful way to honor a loved one. Many clubs and organizations also do this.


Book donations are a wonderful way for us to add to our collection. We take paperback and hardback books. Old or new releases. We ask that book donations be clean and in good condition. We can not put books in our system that are marked up, falling apart, or filthy. At your request, we can put in a book plate to recognize that you donated the book.


We accept cassette or compact disc donations. Many people are going towards c.d.’s now though. Again, please do not donate audiobooks that are missing tapes or c.d.’s, are broken or scratched, or that are dirty.


We accept DVD donations. We do not accept home recorded movies. Movies must be rated G, PG, PG-13, or R. NO OTHER RATINGS ACCEPTED.